Let your Dedicated Friend support you to reduce stress, increase your self-esteem and motivate you to be your best self

You can access a series of programmes to support your needs and development

Kick Start to Joy

This is a great programme that helps you learn how to use your Dedicated Friend to commence your journey to health and happiness.

This programme helps you to release and let go of any worry and negativity, take your freedom back and create positive steps forward.

Coping with Lockdown

The Dedicated Friend Feel Better Programme supports you through a focused 6 week  path to joy

This sleep programme gives you the perfect meditations and techniques to aid good and restful quality sleep.

Improve Sleep

Stress Relief

This guided programme supports you to understand what stress is, your personal reactors and how to reduce and manage it to find relaxation.

Your Dedicated Friend gives you the ongoing support, kindness and motivation of a truly good friend, helping you to keep your health and well-being on track.


Free yourself

Grow yourself

Know yourself

Dedicated Friend also gives you instant access to all of the tools and techniques that  help you maintain your wellness …

Increase self-awareness

Enlightening and engaging activities to improve your self connection

Find your freedom

Coaching around forgiveness and how to set goals to move you forward

Feel better right now

Instant support and techniques to improve how you think and feel